A Lao night

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Asian people must love sleeping on cement cuz at this beautiful thongbay guesthouse has beds are as hard as stone - maybe the earth tonight will feel like down... So a quick insight to the night noises: before bed a scurry of lizzards hinding in the bathroom when I flipped the light on- caught a look at one- small enough no problem - 12:30 am a rooster woke me up... I thought "oh it must be morning" hahah- looked at the clcck- 2:30 am or so- a pack of wild dogs howling...I reached for ambien. THEN at 4:00 am on the dot I hear DRUMS!!! And not in any rhythmic way- this got me out of bed and outside- there were several different locations of drumming...up and down the river - I figured it was time for the monks to rise and go pray....since I heard horns in Nepal around 6am while trekking. Much more sane time to wake up! Needless to say, the country is not as peaceful as I imagined- but I still love it here and want to organize a group trip for anyone who wants to combine yoga, sightseeing , treking and shopping! Maybe new business venture- any takers??!

It's too nice here and I already want to come back.

Oooohhhh the drumming has just started up again! 

My taxi is here! Going to the camp!