Arrival in Kathmandu

Day one- 

January 5, 2066, Kathmandu 

from the plane window I could see by the construction of dwellings that this was going to be the poorest country I'll walk within to date. I brace myself for what I was going to witness. I've been travelling for 36 hours and seen the sterile interiors of airports. Customs didn't even look at my passport, only my visa and asked when I planned to leave. 23 days I told them. "namaste" translates in Napali to hello and goodbye. So here begins the time inbetween that one word.

It's 1:27 am. Jen and I arrived ktm 12 hrs ago . I slept a few hours and now lay awake. Good time to write. 

Ram and Sunil met us at the airport. Ram is my HIO (hands in outreach) connection and sunil is our trekking connection. It's good to finally see the faces of the men I have been emailing the past couple of months. They are both Nepalese Hindus and frankly our lifeline for the next few weeks. They greet us with bigs smiles. Thank god. We have arrived with more baggage then can fit in the car. I'm feeling like a priviledged American. I believe I have more belongings than the entire group of men standing around the dusty parking lot staring a we pass. I brought too much of America with me and criticize my packing intincts. "When in doubt leave it out" didn't apply. 

Passing thru downtown ktm the polluion is relentless. People are wearing masks over their mouths. Jens grateful that she doesn't suffer from asthma. Darting across the crator filled road , a monkey barely avoids a mass of speeding cars, bused, bikes, rickshaws and noisy motercycles. At the ripped edge of the pavement I see into the eyes of children, mothers and men. The shock of coming from the richest country in the world to one of the poorest, made me question "what the hell am I doing here?"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NOTICE- retraction of my last entry! Definitely  pray for my protection! Walking along to edge of the streets in KTM one puts their life in Gods hands- or should I say Shiva the destroyer. 

AND, I'll hog all of that circle of white light Tom if it will act as a force field against motorbikes and rickshaws. 

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I phone typing is a pain.Excuse all the typos / I had to type the entire thing on my phone. I just read it/ omg - lots of mistakes!

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