back in Kathmandu


SOOOOOO- Luxury is a hot shower! when I think about all the luxuries we enjoy on a daily basis that people here don't experience, it makes me wonder..... so life is simple and I got a shower and all is good. Im clean. even got a 90 min massage for $20 at the kathmandu guest house in Thamel here where we are staying. central location in the tourist district. flew from Lukla this am. the runway there goes off the edge of the mountain. very cool- a twelve seater plane- Agni Air.... ( agni means Fire) dont know who named that...the guys next to me on the plane smelled so ripe - dont think they showered for weeks. I was gagging.... so I have finally thawed out and JEn and I went out to the market, got harassed to buy shit, and looked at lots of textiles....then had Indian food in a restaurant called third Eye. hahha. it ws good. shared a bottle of wine. most alchohol weve had. laughed a lot. as always. the air here is so thick with pollution, a big shock from the Khumba region. Last night we hung out in the kitchen of the lodge we were staying in. we ate popcorn and pizza that they cooked for us and played with the kids who lived there.... Indian Tv was on- a crack up... I had a huge quilt over me while I sat on the bench while eveyrone huddles around the stove to keep warm. darnk a beer with our guide Babo and our porter Phurba... they were happy to get their tips and be done with the treck... jen and I Im sure drove them nuts. constantly changing our mind about what and where we were going...... we nicknamed them bilbo baggins and frodo.....they looked just like the characters in the Hobbit. tommorrow we taking a daytrip outside of the city.... ill write more tomorrow or tues... 

loving the luxury of the city dispite the dirt and pollution.... we got a latte today and clean cloths... who could ask for more?


Posted by carolyn at 11:43 PM