My tent is hardly bigger than my sleeping bag but I am content as can be. I have it pitched by a river with a waterfall that I wash my cloths in and take cool soaks in the middle of the day. I even use it to brush my teeth rather than walking to the bathroom they have set up here. There are 48 of us plus the cooks and gardeners and handymen. This self contained propery that Arno has just bought 3 months ago, is still evolving into a dream he had when he started the circus here in luang prabang 3 months ago. It is quite an amazing place. We are situated in a papaya plantation, with a few rice fields they just planted, chickens everywhere , water buffalo roaming the river....and structures for us built from bamboo and wood. All open air, all clean and beautiful and simple - the stars are always visable and nights are christened with a bon fire where we hang out, hold kirtan or give massages under the stars.... Omg I died and went to heaven. After so many cities, I feel the energy of the earth cleansing my soul. 

Then there are the teachers who are from all over the world with  experience that extends in all directions of healing and bodywork. 

They are all without ego. That goes for most everyone here. I have so much to learn! The weather is warm but there is always a breeze in the "temple" where we work on each other. The food they cook is all vegetarian so I eating just wonderful !!! 

Gotta go - Xoxoxox