8 days later


back in namche 

HI All!!! it takes me sooooo long to figure out how to get to this blog that by the time i do, my fingers are FROZEN! omg- WE HAVE BEEN IN THE MOUNTAINS AND ALTHOUGH IT HAS BEEN SUNNY DURING THE 5 HOURS THE SUN IS SHOWING OVER THE MOUNTAIN TOPS, THE nights are freezing cold- there is no heat in the teahouses except for the dining area where everyone hangs out- then we go to our 8x8 box rooms and climb in our sleeping bags-(YES JOANN) your bag is AWESOME! we put a hot thermous of water in the bag everynight so our feet are warm. ANYWAY enough about the cold- We have seen EVEREST- Sargamata- and its pretty amazing- ALL THE SURROUNDING mountains are just as beautiful- jagged peaks- snow topped- my favorite mountain is Ama Dablam- check it out on line- very cool peak.  Jen and I have reached 5500 meters- about 3 miles high- Everest is 5 miles high- No thanks.

So, we extended our trek 3 days- total of 11 days. we hiked all the way to Dingboche- about two days from base camp- and from there we did a day hike straight up- got great photos at the top.,we havent seen any other americans- just Ausies and brits and japanese.  Jen and I are the only crazy ones. lots of people are going near base camp- to say they did it- I'm over it. A hot shower is all I want- and they are impossible to get,. I write every night in my sleeping bag on my i phone- though its dead now and I havent paid to charge it - the himalayans are amazing and we have enjoyed walking several hours a day past sherpas and Yaks and Stupas and beautiful views. the food is getting a little boring- My favorite is veg steamed momos- I am staying away from meat of course.  we havent gotten sick yet.... the toilets are basically holes in the ground and Chloe- I laugh when I imagine you here.... you would be mortified! I wash out my own clothing every few days. and dry them by the fire. Jen and I laugh a lot- and she is making friends with all the local children- she brought her mexican flute and is like a pied piper.... the kids are so adorable- they all work hard- gathering firewood, sweeping, carring chairs for us when we stop for lunch at little rest. and the babies are carried by their siblings on their backs. Tourism seems to be the main stay here. But in the winter most people leave the mts. for warmer KTm. I am ready to climb down- my knees have been pretty good considering. today was the first cloudy day and it is much colder- we dont know the temp but i am guessing that it is 20 degrees at night. ice is on our windows in the am. we have two more days of going down to Lukla and then we get our plane to KTM sunday am. did I mention that our beds cost like $1.50 a night? and our tea costs twice as much? the other night I got a chocolate bar to share with the group- we were playing banana grams (like scrabble) and after I unwrapped it I heard that it was $9.00!!!! I died.   It was very unsatisfying as it was  very stale.... 

my hour is almost up- gotta write a couple emails.... stay tuned for the Rhythm of the Road posts.


freezing my ass off.

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