Krabi southern Thailand


The smells of a foreign country constantly remind you that you are in fact away from home. The aroma of strange spices cooking in the street sides, the Vegetation , the air, the Andaman sea even smells different. I love that about another place. But jen- the moon is still the moon. And boy is it full! So we are loving it here after Bangkok -beaches , 150 islands jutting out of the sea like flinstone boulders....sooooo coool!!!! A boat took us out to the Phi Phi islands (like in the movie The Beach)- and we went scuba diving! Some marine life and corals that we haven't seen in the carribean - we saw a large leopard shark- Dylan and Chloe YOU NEED TO GET CERTIFiED! We were inthe water and in the water all day! ok ok I wo t rub it in....I know it's freezing at home ... Even at unc! So a little 100 degree weather for you along with this blog- I complained about the cold in the himalyans and now I'm in a country that's equivalent to a bikram studio / one extreme to another-...ahhhh . Slathered in sunscreen. Peter and I are in the pool on stools in the water at the hotel bar having margharitas yum ! So loggin off for now. Love and warmth to each of you. Xoxoxo


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