When I first decided to attend the "circus" (my massage training ) i assumed it was in Thailand- I was emailing arno (arnothehermit is his email name- the French leader of the circus entourage) for some time when I googled luang prabang and could only fin the town in Laos - well Being slow in the uptake at times, it was a while before I realized that I was to spend a month in a country I barely have heard of. So here I am. I the mountains, on a river, in a bamboo sided, thatched roof, on stilts, hut that I have to say Is paradise. Quiet and beautiiful. I arrived at 4 pm- the last to exit the visa line , to meet my red truck to the thong bay guest house (where I was supposed to be living for the month, but since the circus moved it's bigtop, I will be headed to my tent a half hour from here, tomorrow. 

On the plane I met three other circus groupies- fine from Israel south Africa, and Italy . I have got used to only hearing the English language table side coming from the mouths of people from every country other than America . 

The last couple of days in chiang Mai were spent hanging and exploring shops - lots of fun! Moved to the university edge of town foey last night since baan honeyban was booked. My new home was pretty funky and hip , and although I spent the middle of the night massaging my cramping intestines and going down the hall to visit the shared bathroom, I woke up on a good mood, met a woman from south new Zealand who I promised I would visit in the future. We had breakfast and shared our lives over a smoothie and then said goodbye. 

Well it's time to go to my riverside bungalo and listen to the crickets or whatever they are. 

It may be a while till my next blog - my new address is mettamytent. I will make it as cozy as possible foe the next 30 days and night. Martha, I could use your staff tomorrow! 


Here's hoping that the spiders .... And poisonous snakes -there are four kind here I just read in the lonely planet ) aren't attracted to me.

Be back in LP next Saturday (maybe) 

Sawadee kaah

jungle Jane.


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