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changed my venue... Baan Hanibah guest house, soi 8...the "mountain view" (which should have been named the "Busy Street View." was not doing it for me (did i mention that when you turned on the water in the sink, it just ran out onto the floor underneath and traveled along the edges of the 3x3' bathroom and into the drain that was in the corner tucked behind the toilet where the shower head was also located?) and for $14 more a day, i am in the most beautiful antique teak house with amazing details and wifi, ac, hot water-HUGE SHOWER STALL, breakfast, free tea and cookies all day.. what a difference a day makes...met this woman at dinner last night from Shanghai and she educated me on where to stay,  what map to buy,   what to see and how to navigate around this city. she left today and I got her room here. thank you Suki! so i just returned from biking around the quiet city since 7pm when i rented this old bike for about a dollar a day (24hrs) and I am so happy not to be walking everywhere cuz you see much more on a bike.

it's a very safe city and full of markets, restaurants and watts... Buddhas everywhere by the dozens. Piles of them. Little side streets called "soi's" are so quaint, and on these tiny alleyways, you can find vegetarian restaurants, and lots of good coffee shops. clothing, jewelry and textiles... which makes them fun to explore....the hours fly. 

Monday I rented a motorbike to get out of the city and breath cleaner air, so i headed up a nearby mountain to visit the temple up there and wander around. the road was very snakelike and so I loved the ride! BUT today I went on a mountain bike group ride and up the same road in the back of a truck and almost threw up....from the top we road down 4 hours and it was a work out...Adrien, tell Matt I only dumped once and the single track was a ditch. me and 5 guys. hahaha. got a big bruise on my knee- and I was the one to complain about all the pads they made us put on in the 

beginning of the day. So I had fun. lots of biking. 

Tomorrow i will ride the bicycle around the city and visit more watts and shops for home decor that suki had found. She is a freelance writer and is doing a travel piece- she remembered names of everything. there is so much to experience here!

ended the day with an gardenia oil massage at 9pm. I could get used to this life.

starting to really love Thailand! GOOD night!


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