my new skills

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hi all! Thank you for all your emails! And I'm glad I'm not boring you. Now that I am leaving Kathmandu in two days, I feel like I have jus learned the ropes- I am used to the crazy traffic so not to get hit walkin down the streets- they drive on the opposite side of the road- (if you can call these gravel pits roads) I have learned to bargin big time- got an awesome room for half price at the Kathmandu guest house- jen- you would be proud!!!! Got a much better room! I can stratigically Hung my laundry all over the place....I know where to go for good food cheap and free wifi!!!! I'm at a restaurant now by candle light eating dinner and having an everest beer for under $10. I can even ward off the rickshaw drivers with one glance- hmmm what else - oh most important- I can hold my breath, Not touch anything , while using one of the varieties of smelly (smelly doesn't even begin to describe the public toliets) while taking a pee. And I can get to my. Blog in under 5 min. 

So- for the latest happiness blog- I went to jyoti's school today and played word games with her class- she is 8 yrs old and is pre k. She is very shy and has the worlds most cutesy smile. I brought cookies for all 13 kids- and we had lots of fun- after school I walk with her and 6 other sponsored girls to Bal Kendra - the center that is supported by HIO. Here they are fed a healthy snack of dal bhat and they do their homework. I packed the cookies.... I taught joyti how to play tic tack toe- she finished her hmework early- I brought her colored pencils, craypas, an eraser and sharpener. I met her mom today- she's not all together there- but smiled big at me. Tomorrow I go back to the school to lead the class in some more fun learning. (good thing they are prekindergarten ) Lesley and clair- I could use you!!!! Then off to bangcock to meet Peter on Wednesday !!!! Did bickram again this am- up at 5am took the most god aweful busride from rams house back to ktm - almost puked-between the exaust and the condition of the bus- I shut my eyes and told myself all thngs will pass. Yoga and a hot shower cured me!!!!! Felt like a million as soon as I hit the mat and the 95 degree studio!!!! Happy days! Rams home was freezing! His girls are used to it. Last night I read to his 9 and 14 yr old a great story by rohl ? (Dylan I forgot his name- your favorite author when you were little) under a huge quilt- by flashlight- the stupid power comes on after everyone goes to bed- really useful! I woke up in the mddle of the night and the bedroom light was on- I had no idea where I was. I have changed beds every night or two- am actually looking forwRd to camping for the month at my massage training! One location! 

Ok well that's all the blabbing for now. I am a little homesick .

Xoxoxoxox so extra hugs to you all!