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and my love is all going to him today! have a great day dylan! I know you got my recorded song....and its still friday there...



well back in back in bangkok at this moment and since i last wrote, peter and I have been flying around vietnam... we acheived high "crossing the streets and not getting hit" grades from our hosting country- as that proved to be the greatest challenge thus far (outside of Nepal) and we were feeling good about that....of the cool things we have seen,,, well Ha long bay was pretty amazing- sort of like Krabi with big rock formations jutting out of the sea - over 2,000 islands total. on one of them, there is a unesco site- a huge cave that is on the list of being voted one of the 7th wonders-Dong Thien Cung- check it out! the sky was misty and and the islands set a peaceful tone as none are inhabited... so all these tourist "junks" boats are drifting in and among them....we had a huge one to ourselves and were served a wonderful 6 course lunch.... heaven. I have been spoiled for the past 8 days since peter arrived. think i gained a few too... the car ride of 3,5 hours back to Hanoi the next day was filled with facts- our guide Lan repeats everything 3-4 times ( i think she enjoys poracticing her english, or she has early onset altzimers) but its just the ticket for history lesson retention. so i learned more about the wars, Ho chi Min, confusious, current political situation,...all much more interesting to know when history is three dimentionally laid in front of you- 

we saw farmers working the rice fields, with the water buffalo....and lots of small towns along the way. looks a bit like Nepal. but no mountains...

we got a city tour and although it doesnt have the art of Bangkok temples and wats, I am liking Hanoi far better. Its got character and a lot of French influence. there are two million moterbikes and 5 million people - and since they ride two or three per bike, you can imagine the streets- cars are a minority. we sat along one street having a beer and watching the bikes go by- and their cargo ranged from refrigerators to 10 ft. orange trees- boxes of foam, cages of chickens on their way to death...even a kitchen sink went by! all this strapped on the back of a little bike. kids packed between parents, and high heeled teens on cell phones- just magnifys the danger factor , but still no one yells or shows sign of road rage- they just press their horns CONSTANTLY. there are even special "move over- im coming" horns that are polite and fade away when done blowing. and you better move- cuz they belong to trucks mostly.

Got a pedicure for 75,000. Dong or $3.50!

on thursday we had the day free to ourselves and wandered around the old quarter and bought some stuff..... ate were the locals eat...on plastic little stools all together on the sidewalk - they plop a bowl of broth in front of you with sruff to pile in it.... there where two bowls of meat that I avoided- especially after learning that the vietnamese eat DOG< RATS< CATS, TURTLES AND GOATS...i tried to keep my mouth shut as peter ate the mystery meat. It was fried little patties of something.... OMG . i am so glad I dont like meat. 

so that night, on the plane again and south to saigon! it is a beautiful city and since the celebration of the NEW YEAR is on Feb 14th, there were tons of silk lanterns HUGE ONES hanging from all the trees on the main city streets... they looked so amazing.... we walked all around that night- till midnight as we only had a day there... CU chi tunnels the next day- where the vc hid during the war- that was something to see. gross traps for the americans to die in... set all over the ground... the whole thing strikes me as so bizzar.Humans are so incredible cruel to each other. I really dont understand the people who bring war to our earth.

So another action packed day- back on the plane that night (fri) to land us back in Bangkok- where we spent peters last night eating at a really good thai restaurant and staying in a five star hotel (but just $80.00) the most we have spent on hotels- peter got a woppping 4 hrs of sleep and left at 4 am. ready to sleep on his 30 hr flight back home....(hope it was ok honey) 

so i got to SLEEEP IN AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE HOTEL! did yoga and a long meditation, had coffee, worked out in the gym (needed that) and showered and now on line.... I take the night train at 6pm zooming me up to Chiang Mai in the North. land there at 7am... Now my yoga leg of the trip yoga and body work is bigger up there and I will hook up with a friend of a friend who is tied in with the yoga community. 

so to end this loonnnnggg post with a thought i had last night..


if you imagine google earth, but google YOU instead of an address, and you zoom in closer so you see the state, (or country, a bigger picture)where you are walking around, and you are a little light, and you imagine how many of your friends are around you, in your community, you would see lots of other little lights of those you know... so I imagine myself here and I dont know anyone (yet) and I am a lone light making my way through thailand....well its just an image i had and I found it somehow scary and somehow fun -like a light seeking light game... I figure by the middle of March, I will have lots of lights on that google map in my head and they will all have made my life so much richer then it already is - cuz your lights are there at home on the other side of the world, and i see them and I am connected to them... and they definately energize me.


so let your light shine and keep my light burning.

Jen- light my alter today if you are in prov. for the day dylan was born!


love you all!




the energizer bunny 


raw spirit.

the bomb.

(yes ive been called these by you guys.haha)


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