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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jen left, I cried. very sad to see her go- we had a great adventure together....

I've downgraded my hotel expense by half. now at $18 per night. at first it didnt seem like a big sacrifice,maybe just the absence of a tv- but now that I have attented to settle in for the night, the difference is quite apparednt. And not sure its worth the 20 dollars savings.

Imagine the worst college bar band you've ever heard- now incorporate the song "I shot the sherriff". turn upthe volume 10x- no soundproofing in this hotel- thank god I packed ear plugs. 

Next the mattress quality, rapidly declined- may as well be on the floor.- and of course there is no power. house rules hanging by the door state no loud music played in rooms....no doing your own laundry...(mine is soaking in the waste bucket turned washing machine at the moment.... oh now "My woman from Tokyo is leaking into my ears somehow. gotta find my ipod. Been here in Nepal 16 days - tonight was the first night i forgot about tap water danger and put my toothbrush under the stream and then in my mouth. quickly spit out.... stay tuned on the giardia (sp) front.. meanwhile, i get an email from Dylan that his new cushy job in Cabo Mexico has put him up in the most amazing hotel- the best he's ever seen....something wrong with this picture...hahaha

today we went to Kopan MOnestary-and then walked all over the city- faster than the buses since demonstrations from the Maoists were blocking traffic-which reminds me that Sunmday they are threatening to strike- which shuts down all transportation in which case Ram and I will be hoofing it back from his hometown... two days. packing light for that trip.,

soooo- on the tourist front- yesterday, Jen and I saw the largest Buddhist STupa in the world Bodhanath- where thousands of pilgrims make their ritual circumnavigation around the dome. mostly tibetan Buddhists.-it was great- we hung there and people watched for a couple hours. had lunch overlooking the square... hit a couple shops, then Rasm took us to Pashupatinath...This is where the most important Hindu temple in Nepal-built 1696- which sits on the bank of the holy Bagmati River-We were not allowed in this Shiva temple, but certainly got the feeling of its devotees by watching and milling around. there are hardly any tourists here. the riverbanks of the Bagmati is the Napali equivalent of Varanasi on the Ganges in India. The open air Cremations Ghats were in use.... burning dead bodies with family standing by and religious ceremonies in full force. Ram fills us in on the rituals, and how it all works... very interesting. Monkeys roaming around always makes these scenes even more surreal than they already are...... Jen has a sensitive nose and almost lost it. These are exhausting days.-we are wiped by the time we take the bus back to central Ktm and walk past leopars, begging mothers and children... 

well enough for now- I have spent most of this day catching up with emails.... Ram is meeting me in 5 min and we are going to see Joyti! I picked up some books and crackers and will read to her and her friends after school today.... I haven't seen her since before trekking.... I am excited. will hope to get back to the computer tomorrow- but not sure- may be gone for the weekend. and Ram doesn't have internet at his home. No electricity 9 hours during the day- so who knows when ill be back here.. 

hope you all are enjoying the luxuries of the states/ Eat salad for me. love and hugs and Namaste.


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