somewhere in a dirty town


HI all. well its saturday and I have come to Rams town to spend the weekend with his familyu. He has three beautiful girls and I live them all. they just hang out with family- the oldest is 17, then 14 then 9. his wife is lovely too. the power is out for 19 hrs a day now, so life is very different for them. the food has been soooo good though- his wife is a great cook- all vegitarian indian... so i am in heaven in that respect. no hot water... i am learning a lot about how people live on rainwater, batteries, generators. farming, no frige, no stove, small home.,.,. etc etc. man, my life is all cushy in the US. but they seen pretty happy. this morning we wlked down the mountain/big hill to see there young cow- they keep in a clay house locked, they let hime out., and we spent 2 hours or more collecting leaves and weeds for the cow to eat. his wife mucked the stall with her bare hands,.. cooked some kind of vitamins mixed with water over a fire for the cow to then eat... Ram watered the potato garden along side the terrraced hill side, and thats about it. the kids with us played with sticks- and by kids I mean an 18 yeasr old cousin, and ram's 9 year old. they amuse themselves with the simplest of things. though they had a cell phone with thenm that they played music on- stuff from the US that my kids listened too a couple years ago., one point this morning Anjan climbed a tree in order to cut down lots of branches cuz the cow likes the leaves from this pareticular tree.. he had a hand made sycle (sp?>) in hand. when we ghathered the branches I had my own sicyl to cut the leaves off... then Kalpana, Ram's wife loaded the basket up on her back wioth leaves and we hiked back up to the cow house...Im not feelinmg very sorry for the animals here (as I would normally) as the life the people live are just as hard.

we had a great lunch of Dal Bhat and veggies, sauteed soy beans are my favorite. the spices are all wonderful. and the Massala tea Kalpana makes is the best zive had in nepal... Jen! i have the recipie! 

we took a bus into the next town to get food for dinner that i am making. I am going to attempt stir fry and also pizza on the stove top since they dont have an oven. they have given up their bedroom for me to stay in and I feel bad about that. they have three bedrooms though so everyoine has a bed. but i have the biggest room... I did some yoga- handstands and backbend and acro yoga with Kriti, the 9 year old and their other nephew who is oved all the time- he is 5 yrs old... the girls are here with me at this internet place- it is packed mostly with young people typing away in cubbies. a generator is buzzing behind me.. the bus was a trip and a half to get here. the local buses are jammed packed and you can barely get off when yhou want. people ride on top with goats and all. we will head back to kathmandu mon at 5am. i want to make a bikram class at 8am. I went to a class on friday and It felt great to finally do an asana practice. the hotel floors have been not very inviting to roll my mat out, so i have just been walking for my yoga...what else? I am hjeaded to thailand to meet p[eter on wed. I am Looking forward to that!!!!! so for now, good night-0 its late and I have more emails to write. I may try to download my photos somewhere too. my camera card is full. 

till monday or tues.. enjoy the luxuries of life for me. especially a soft bed and hot water and clean air.