the night train and blind massage

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cozy like the forts we used to make with blankets under the kitchen table was the berth on the night train! With a little light for reading and fresh sheets and blanket, it was a really fun experience! The only downside was the smelly toliet. But hey I am used to them- with the rattling and clanking of the tracks I fell asleep easily and felt like I was on a real adventure in the night. Have a small feather pillow packed onthis trip and am always happy to lay my head down. Chaing Mai is a calmer city surrounded by a moat and remnants of a stone wall. It has more than 300 temples- visited a few today on my meandering 8 hour walk. One side of the old city had a long parade of flowers - decorating floats and in competition- orchids like I've never seen/ and if course food food food- it seems that the Thai eat all the time- I am never hungry because I am also always eating! There are some things though that don't bear the slightest likeness to foodstuff- of these something called black jello that was cut in worm shapes and put in a plastic cup with sugar water for a yummy drink- I filmed the guy dishing it out and asked "now who would eat this?" gross! She (cross dresser- there are many here) let me taste a tiny piece cuz the translation of "backello" was not computing- later on I read a sign on a brick pile of the nasty stuff, go figure - it was like edible creepy crawlers....I skipped lunch- 

wandered in the scorching sun- stopped for an ice coffee, then spent an hour on a little shop with the coolest cloths! Talked to the designer and walked out with a skirt and scarf for $20 that in NY would go for 250/ so chic! Stacy I thought I should get you one but they are so fitted I hated to guess the wrong size! ( I'll pick up something for you though!) then on the same street the "Thai massage by the blind" sign for 220 bhat for 90 min ($7) lured me in. Got pummeled in all the right spots/ "max " knew his massage - and I felt great / of course my ankles were a mess cuz I did the elipticle in bare feet yesterday  ( I managed to leave my sneaker in one of the hotels somewhere along the line).

Max had no mercy- he just made  funny noises - like "tisk tisk tisk" when he hit a tender spot. I started to mimick him -

then wandered to another street market miles long of more shit for sale- I got some food- not sure what it was- but declined the crows eggs they offered me. Found my way back to the "mountainveiw guest house" that is on the busiest of all streets and boasts a sink that leaks all over the floor , no hot water, but what do you expect for 300 baht? 

I'm inserting my trusty earplugs and going to sleep early. 


Back on the low road.... 

Peter. Enjoy our soft clean bed! 


keep the candle burning....