North Iceland

If Mother Nature had a favorite child, it would be Iceland.  Home to all god-made things spectacular, Iceland glows under the green light of the Universe.  It's aliveness gently brushes all of your senses. It's moist and healing with wind of moss and wild flowers. It's powerful and majestic with  waterfalls and volcanic rock formations.

 I am soooooo grateful to be a guest once again in this country.  Accompanied by seven lovely women, and one brave man, we headed on a small aircraft to Husavik, a small whaling village in the North.  For five days, we cozied up in small cottages aside an inlet of Arctic Ocean lined with purple snow capped mountains. Lupine and Loons greeted us every morning as we gathered for Yin yoga led by my dear friend Jenn.  We shared hot oatmeal with nuts and fruits, then headed out with our gentle and very knowledgable  local guide, Ari Paul to see the wonders of the land. 

 Being the middle of September the  tourist season had ended allowing us  to explore with peaceful solitude. Unhurried and uncrowded, as if we were the only guests to witness the awe-inspiring, medieval landscapes.  (think Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. )

 It was here that I turned another year older, bathing in a geothermal hot tub under the Northern Lights. 

 This will not be our last trip..... stay tuned as we plan to return in 2017.


Our sweet cabin in Husavik

Our sweet cabin in Husavik